The Invisible lot?

‘Gender equality’ is a topic that has always been debated throughout history and continue to do so. The term has bestowed upon itself the huge responsibility to solve the mystery of indifference towards a particular gender. Owing to the biological differences among man and woman, the latter was deemed to be the ‘unfortunate’ one for decades.

Slogans were raised, arguments were set on fire and conflicts ensued. With time, the door that has been shut for long has opened itself only for the short lived satisfaction of the groups that fought for the cause.The unflagging efforts for the ultimate equality is still being pursued. What they have to realise is the fact that no two creatures can be the same.

Interestingly, this fight for “gender equality” keeps forgetting a group which is very much in need of these revolutions today. The umbrella of ‘gender equality’ has to widen enough to include these people who are fighting for their basic rights. They are harmed, abused and discriminated by the society. They are the outcasts of this century.

The LGBT community is a coterie that is vulnerable and helpless in the hands of social stigma. They are inflicted with pain by the society that force them to hide behind the true criminals. Here, in the second most populated country in the world the community lives in an abject condition as they are seen as a ‘taboo’ even today. This is the stark reality portrayed by our society of educated men and women. Education that lights a man his way can also make him blind. With pride penetrating deep into our heads we refuse to see our fellow beings even as mere humans.

It is high time that we take this issue to the streets to give voice for these voiceless. And that voice should reverberate through the centuries to come.


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