A letter from beyond the border…

Year 1975. Time is 7:15pm. The sky is dark and it is cold outside. Wind is blowing hard with an eerie noise. Sitting inside a tent, in the flickering light of the lamp, a man writes…

Dear Papa and Mama,

I write this letter to say that I love you with all my heart. The situation here has worsened with the last few days.The atmosphere is very intense. The war seems not too far and we are prepared for anything that might come our way. Mama, do not be sad for me because I myself chose this path and I am ready to confront fate in whatever form it may come.

I am glad that I have had you two throughout my life encouraging me even at times I lost faith in myself. When I told you I want to join the army you agreed because you had only my happiness at heart. I know it was very difficult for you to accept but even then you let me travel all this way to be the man I am today.

Papa, I still remember those man to man talks that we had. You have taught me a lot and you have always been my inspiration. And mama you are the bravest soul I have ever seen. You have shown me how to stand up for what l believe in and never to look down upon myself. You shed tears when I cried and you found joy in my laugh. Thank you for being the wonderful parents that you are.

We are supposed to be brave men who are ready to face anything at anytime but we too are human with our own fears and insecurities. Deep inside I feel I am still that naive little village boy who waits for his father to return home with sweets every evening. On some level…I am afraid. I am afraid that I might not have a chance to see home again…a chance to see you two.

Time might turn this letter to be the last one I write to you before the war or maybe…for ever. Whatever happens, I want you to know that I love you and it has always been like that. If in any way I have worried you in the past, I am sorry. Pray for me and others. Never cry. This war could change our nation’s history and be happy that your boy will be a part of that very history.

Love You.



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