New Year – Flash Fiction

Lights filled the room. People were enjoying the last day of the year. Drinks reached the brink of crystal glasses and fireworks were set to invite the coming year. All were ready for the moment.

John stood near a table holding a half full champagne glass. Few minutes for dawn of the new year, his heart started racing. More than the new year excitement, it was her presence that made him feel that way. Eve’s smile was like an arrow that plunges right into his heart and he melted each time it struck him. Months of agony was finally gnawing him, devouring him one bit at a time.The moment he let his eyes fall on her he knew he was in love but he never had the chance to tell her. He never let himself have a chance. ‘Would she ever even look at me?,’ he smiled ruefully. Clanking of glasses and laughter became louder…

One minute for the clock to strike twelve, she walked up to him. She came close and stood looking into his eyes. His heart got caught in her brown eyes as he admired how she carried herself. They were the reflection of her feminine softness and the raw strength of the woman that she was.

His smoldering gaze made her feel vulnerable. She drank his manly features which made her reminisce about the moment she saw him for the first time. Nobody made her feel the same way.

As much as he longed for her she longed for him too.

The clock ticked the last few seconds and together they counted, ‘10….9….8…’. Each second seemed like a lifetime and with each second they assured their novel realisation.They stood alone in that room of fifty, eyes locked. ‘..3…..2….1’ , and they whispered to each other , ‘Happy new year’.

14 thoughts on “New Year – Flash Fiction

  1. You write wonderful , I really wish I can write like that …..You write like setting up the atmosphere and all with flowing emotions . Loved it .

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