No expectations

You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.”

This is a quote from Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna is imparting the ultimate knowledge to Arjuna, the warrior prince. 

In today’s world where one is constantly engaged in unflagging efforts to accomplish things and to fullfill his or her eternal desires, they focus on the results of their acts. It is this very expectation that makes their life miserable. He excepts something but he receives something else. And this reality of life can make him restless. He is not satisfied and happy with what he gets. 

Based on this very fact, it can be unequivocally stated that, today, even an act of kindness be it any form is done with an expectation of something in return. They want their name to be uttered in reverence for their so called ‘kindness’. Here, the very act itself becomes meaningless.

Expectation by itself will only create a turmoil in one’s mind. Even the expectation of love in return for your action can bring misery to your life.

Nothing is permanent. Everything changes with time and it will continue to do so till the end of time. Expectations based on this unstable materialistic things will end up as a disturbance to your mind. Deeds done without prejudices and expectations can prevent such disturbances as it paves way to move forward in life without losing its essence.


2 thoughts on “No expectations

  1. So true and thoughtful post. Very right, the world has turned materialistic but there are still people who still respect emotions. I believe its all about time and realization and it does cross path

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