The Visit – Flash Fiction

Dara and Drish were running around. Their grandpa Raj, was watching them play. Busy with their mischievous tricks and games, the kids were in their own world enjoying the last few days of freedom before their school reopens. Sitting in the chair listening to the giggles and cries of the little ones, grandpa closed his eyes and fell into a deep slumber…

“Pappa……!” she cried in her high pitched voice. Shocked to the core Raj ran outside to see what his daughter was screaming about.

“Pappa, I broke my knee.” She was sitting on the steps, crying. Her handkerchief drenched with tears and dress with blood. Amused by the intensity of injury, he slowly picked her up and she writhed with pain.

“Its okay honey, “he said “I told you not to run around those thorny bushes but you never listen do you?”. She grimaced and said in her quivering voice, “I am sorry.”


Raj opened his eyes to see Dara sitting on the ground, tears flowing down her cheeks. “Grandpa…I hurt my leg.” Her younger one was standing beside her gazing at her sister who was about to break down.

“There there Dara… it is okay, grandpa will take care of it. You know…grandpa was a magician. I can make your pain go away with a whiff,” saying this Raj made a gesture with his hands over her knees and picked her up. “See…now that you are in your grandpa’s hands no pain can make you cry.” He placed a kiss on her cheek.

Drish was pulling Raj’s shirt wanting to take his sister’s place. Realising this, he picked him up too.

“Now that you have had your dinner lets get some sleep,” He took them to their bedroom ,tucked them in their bed and waited for them to fall asleep. Slowly, they closed their eyes and he got up quietly to switch off the lights.

Before leaving the room, he turned back to catch a glimpse of their serene faces one more time.

They were sleeping soundly with their mother sitting beside them. With maternal love flowing from her eyes, she smiled sadly. Raj stood there frozen, while his daughter said, “Thank you Pappa.” With a flick, the light went off and when he switched it on she was gone.


11 thoughts on “The Visit – Flash Fiction

  1. Very nicely written. Believe the mom is dead? Got a little lost in the para where the grandpa picks Dara and Raj picks Drish and believe Raj brings both in to put them on bed, right?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh second para made me feel there are two characters as it says Raj rushed out to see what happ to his daughter and further she addresses him as pappa.


      2. Grandpa is Raj.When he went into sleep he remembers the old incident of his daughter’s. He wakes upto to see his granddaughter in the same condition.


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