Seven B&W Photos Challenge – Day 7

Finally I reached the last day of my journey. The seventh day of the ‘Seven Black and White Photos Challenge’.

Once again thank you Ravi Sidula for letting me be a part of the challenge. I had quite an interesting experience, each day trying to explain a part of me through the captured pictures. It made me understand the beauty and power of photos. Black and white surely enhance a picture’s beauty irrespective of what it carries within its borders. Thank you all for liking and giving comments. 

In hindsight, I think this venture should be experienced by all, as each one of us deserves to discover ourself by having fun. So please feel free to take up the challenge yourself.

I would like to place a fullstop to this journey with this black and white picture which I think defines me the best. As of this moment this is where my life and interests converge.


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