Seven B&W Photos Challenge – Day 3

  My third day of the ‘Seven Black and White Photos Challenge’.

 Rules: Seven days. Seven black&white photos related to your life. No people. No explanation. Nominate a new person each day for the same challenge.

 Here is my photo for today :

 Ravi Sidula, a wonderful writer nominated me for the challenge. 

 Likewise, I nominate Srijan for the challenge. No compulsion. Have fun.


7 thoughts on “Seven B&W Photos Challenge – Day 3

    1. I realized one thing that this may be malayalam calendar kollavarsham. 26th may be gregarion and 10th may be as per kollavarsham. Didnt know abt this diff calendars, nice to learn this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is the other way round, the small numbers denote kollavarsham and the big ones gregorian. Happy to see you have noticed these many things☺️


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