Seven B&W Photos Challenge – Day 1

 This is my first post for the challenge of ‘Seven Black and White Photos Challenge’. The rules for this challenge are: post seven black and white captured pictures that are related to your life within a span of seven days; they ought to be devoid of people; should be unaccompanied by explanation (so that the viewer can interpret the meaning); and a person needs to nominated each day for the same challenge.

  I have been challenged by Ravi Sidula, a gifted blogger who shares his wonderful travel experiences and gives life to intriguing and interesting short stories. I heartly thank him for throwing this challenge to me and I assure you that getting to know his works will be worth your time.

 I look forward to a memorable experience trying to tell you about me, my life, my likes etc through the pictures I post.

My first ‘Black and White’ photo is:

  I request tarunsays to take this challenge forward if it interests you. Hope you have fun.


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