Is it wrong to lie?

Is it wrong to lie? The question can be answered in different ways owing to fact that a lie can have different connotations at different times.

If a lie can destroy a person forever, saying that lie would be most heinous crime that one can commit. But, if the former is a serial killer who has taken lives of innocent people and managed to escape the law several times, that lie becomes the most powerful weapon to bring the infamous to justice. Here,the lie has the strength that the truth lacks. Truth in this case can even turn out to be his tool to take advantage of the loopholes of the law. Constraining him with the ropes of lies might bring an end to his dreadful deeds.

At times a pain can be warded off or a life can be saved with a lie. Revealing the truth might not always be the wisest option.

The fact that lies often lead to irrevocable injuries has been proved in the past. Nevertheless, in certain situations an innocent falsity can bring relief that has an equal effect of the harm that they cause in others. Relativity is not just confined to describing truth but is equally applicable in defining lie.


8 thoughts on “Is it wrong to lie?

  1. Interesting Read!
    It left me wondering, there was a time when “Truthfulness” was touted as one of the virtue, and we all have grown hearing “Satyameva Jayate” or “Truth Alone Triumph”. I think was that an absolute version, or a qualified one?

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