The first sight

It was a beautiful morning. The winter gave a new life to everything it touched. People were enjoying the dawn of the day. But, there was this man who was melting inside. He was sweating. He felt his heart was going to burst. He was waiting…

The violent sea inside him took away the calmness he had. Pacing to and fro in front of the room, he could only think about the worse that could happen. Months of preparation for this very moment, yet when the time came he felt that the immense pressure was more than he could take. “Why is it taking so long?”,the man thought. What looked like a few hours seemed like decades to him.

Time elapsed…

It was twenty minutes past nine when he checked his watch. He was beginning to feel uneasy. Suddenly, the door opened and the nurse came out, but this time, not with an empty hand. With eager eyes and a beating heart, he came close to her and she carefully placed it in his hands.

World was at a standstill. What he saw swaddled in that white piece of cloth took his breath away. He stood there without moving, unable to take his eyes off her, trying to make his heart believe that she was real. She was quietly observing him with her partially open eyes. Tears began to roll down his cheeks as he took in every inch of her. Placing a light kiss on her tiny forehead he whispered under his breath, “she is perfect”. He slowly relished the moment clutching her close to his chest.

After a few moments, the newly born father in him uttered, “I won’t let anyone hurt you”.As if in reply, she slowly raised her hand and touched his chin with her small fingers. An inexplicable feeling conjured him and with tearful eyes he smiled at her.


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