The Ugly Face of Humanity

Today I happen to go through a news report which explained the critical situation in Kashmir. What made me read the news was the touching picture that was there along with it. A small girl crying standing close to a person who has his hand wrapped around her shoulders as a solace. The face of that girl still haunts me. Her father, a police officer was killed by the militants. The helplessness in her eyes,the tears that are flowing from them and the deep injury thay has been imparted on her life are all visible from that one picture. What can that poor girl do? Life will never be the same for her…

This is just one out of many such lives. Imagine the effect that violence and crimes are having on our humanity. As days pass by, the situation is getting worse. As the earth awaits it’s end, so does humanity. Will we ever go back to the days of yore when humans never barked with rage at the sight of each other?

4 thoughts on “The Ugly Face of Humanity

  1. Actually the situation is very grim in Kashmir! Reasons are many. But the expectation you presented in your concluding remark, I beg to differ, is somewhat vague and untrue. Never was a time in history when humans have not fought. Be it a Vedic age or the age of World Wars. Isn’t it? Ideally there should be no war, I agree. But ideally there should also be no greed too. Greed will be there and hence war will follow.


    1. Thank you..I didn’t mean the complete absence of violence. If you read the last sentence, what I meant was humans have reached a level where they are senseless that they can’t stand the sight of each other. Yes world wars and vedic age happened, but they had more of what we would call reasons. They had to happen according to those situations. But men are killing each other merely for nothing, I hope you would have seen the havoc that has been created by our people for cattle and so called human god. Humanity has become so low that men now are fighting and killing for nothing.

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      1. There is every chances of improvement and we should thrive for it. But to put a positive sign, let me introduce you some interesting figures.
        In World War ! approx – 20 million people and in WW 2 nearly 60 million people perished. Even in Mahabhatara, a whole generation was wiped out.
        So things are not worse, but we should be more vigilant and humanist. As the weapon of mass destruction has reached even to the rogue nations like Pakis and North Korean, the fatalities can be huge.
        Thank you!

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      2. I think with the coming days it will get even worse… Everything has its end. Everything has to end. Mahabharata itself is the best example. The story of Krishna’s lineage coming to an end in such a brutal manner shows that end is inevitable no matter how prosperous the society is. But we can hope for a miracle…

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